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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best the industry has to offer. Please review our warranty terms below. 

Five-Year Installation Warranty

includes free service work on custom lighting design system defects and failures due to craftsmanship and installation errors.


One-Year Service Warranty

includes free service work and product replacement on the installed system and its components that fail due to manufacturer or installation malfunctions or failures.

Extended Maintenance Program

is available for most systems and includes yearly system maintenance and tune-ups, free bulb replacements, line repair, fixture and lens cleaning, design, and programming corrections. Ask for more details.
Click on any of the listed manufacturers to be directed to the details of their warranty. 
Manufacturer warranties are dealt with and negotiated by the manufacturer and should be initiated by the homeowner. Boucher warranties are non-transferable. This warranty does not apply to any systems that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, or misapplication. 
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